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Qualcomm QCC5171 - Bluetooth Audio SoC - QCC-5171-0-WLNSP99-TR-040
Manufacturer: Qualcomm
MPN: QCC5171 - QCC-5171-0-WLNSP99-TR-040 Bluetooth Audio SoC
  • ​Extremely low-power performance
  • Designed to support the Bluetooth LE Audio standard
  • Bluetooth 5.3 radio
  • Ultra-small form factor
  • Powerful quad-core processor architecture – supporting complex use cases
  • Dual core 32-bit processor application subsystem (up to 80MHz)
  • Dual core 240Mhz programmable Qualcomm® Kalimba™ DSP audio subsystem (runs from ROM)
  • Qualcomm TrueWireless™ Mirroring technology for improved robustness and a superior user experience
  • Designed to support wake-word and/or button activated digital assistants including Amazon Alexa Voice Service and Google Assistant
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AKM AK5552VN - Audio ADC with 32bit and 115dB SNR
Manufacturer: AKM
MPN: AK5552VN 
  • Audio ADC mit 32bit, 115dB SNR
Price on request
AKM AK4452VN - Audio DAC with 32bit and 115dB SNR
Manufacturer: AKM
MPN: AK4452VN 
  • Audio DAC 32bit, 115dB SNR
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Thundercomm - TurboX™ C404 SOM
Hersteller: Thundercomm
46,98 EUR
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