Embedded Processors

Embedded Processors
Our embedded processors

Solutions include a broad portfolio of performance classes of processors with high-performance octa-core products for visual and edge computing, low power consumption and machine learning and artificial intelligence.

These embedded processors can be used in the different integration depths such as System on Module or System on Chip or as ready-to-use single board computers. In addition, we offer the development of customised solutions based on these technologies, as well as the necessary software and support, so that our customers can develop products quickly and with low risk.

According to your needs, Atlantik Elektronik offers embedded processor solutions on three different levels:

ODM products and solutions: Our complete solutions additionally include ID and ME design, ODM services and software for cloud connectivity and remote management.

Components and Modules: We offer various software and hardware components such as SOMs and SBCs in conjunction with operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, and RTOS, as well as SDKs necessary for quick and easy development.

Customisation and bundling: Our complete solutions additionally include ME design, ID and ODM services, as well as software for cloud connectivity and remote management. Customisation includes carrier board design and production, as well as software development.  

Each project is supported by the experienced FAE team at Atlantik Elektronik in Munich.
TurboX C410 SOM
Manufacturer: Thundercomm
MPN: TurboX C410 SOM
Price on request
TurboX C610 SOM
Manufacturer: Thundercomm
MPN: TurboX C610 SOM
Price on request
TurboX XR1 SBC
Manufacturer: Thundercomm
MPN: TurboX XR1 SBC 
Price on request
TurboX C865 Development Kit (Vision Kit)
Manufacturer: Thundercomm
MPN: TurboX C865 Development (Vision Kit)
1.495,38 EUR
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Our ultra-high efficiency embedded processor solutions feature Arm Cortex-A7 and A35-based processors with low power consumption: they are perfect for battery-powered and/or low-cost devices in areas such as IoT and wearables.

Our high-efficiency embedded processor solutions focus on low-power Arm Cortex-A53 processors that are optimised to deliver maximum performance on a very tight overall power budget, ideal for embedded applications that require sensible graphics and camera capabilities.

Our high-performance embedded processor solutions focus on the latest Arm Cortex-A7x architecture to deliver the highest possible performance at the top end of mobile power. These processors are ideally suited for high-end mobile performance applications, networking applications and low-power servers.