Atlantik Elektronik Services


Software Development

  • App development  Development of Android and iOS End user apps.
  • Application development Development of embedded applications for Android, Linux and RTOS systems.
  • BSP development BSP and driver development for embedded systems.
  • Linux / Android OS customization Kernel development for Linux and Android systems. Adding SW features like web servers or boot time optimization.

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Hardware Development

  • Built to order SBCs Adapt existing products to features or reduce the costs of our existing single board solutions with little or without development costs.
  • Base Board development Development of custom base boards, based on our System on Module and MCU portfolio.
  • Enclosures Development of functional and convincing enclosures for our hardware. Includes the design and integration of complete LCD front panels.
  • Complete solutions Development of complete solutions; including electronics, displays, communication.

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  • Tech-days 1-day In-house event with one or more of our technical experts. Introduction of latest technologies and solutions as well as how you can use them to make your products smarter and more competitive.
  • Product trainings 1-day In-house event with one or more of our technical experts. Introduction to a specific product and how to get started; including set up of the development environment and first steps of application and system software development.
  • Development environment set up Set up of the complete development environment for one of our products in a virtual machine.
  • Application notes Documentation how to solve a specific problem / requirement with on of our products.

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  • Display integration Customization of specific displays to match one of our System on Modules or Single Board Computer
  • LTE Integration Add support for LTE / NB-IoT connectivity to one of our products
  • Cameras Add support for specific cameras to one of our products
  • Antennas Antennas including frequency and certification checks

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Certifications / Tests

  • RED / FCC / worldwide certification RF certification services. Add modular certification to an existing RF component or end system certification for your product.
  • Design validation From design review of the schematics to end products validation.

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  • Product development: consulting and definition Choose the right technologies and best level of integration for your products regarding Total cost of Ownership, Time to Market and Time to Technology.
  • Matching components Validate the different components will work together seamlessly in your product.
  • Feasibility studies Objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your existing product or business idea.
  • Market / customer studies Information about market size, trends, growth rate and key success factors.

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  • National and international production capacities Production capabilities at any quantity. From prototypes and pre-series to mass production.

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