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Atlantik Elektronik is an authorised distributor for Antenova products.
Antenova is a leading supplier of antennas with excellent reception characteristics as well as RF antenna modules for wireless communication in automotive, industrial and consumer environments.
Antenova provides hardware and services for small innovators and world-leading companies to develop exceptional wireless products.
5G Embedded Antenna Lepida - SR4L054 - Antenova
Manufacturer: Antenova
MPN: SR4L054 5G embedded Antenna
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Founded in 1999, Antenova provides hardware and services for wireless products around the world. Our range of antennas is constantly being expanded to provide powerful solutions to the latest wireless connectivity requirements. Antenova is the antenna provider of choice for leading module vendors and systems integrators. Our off-the-shelf antenna solutions provide the high efficiency, low power consumption and reliable performance required for wireless M2M, IoT and embedded electronic applications.