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With the Snapdragon Software Development Kit (or SDK), developers and designers can differentiate their applications and take advantage of the additional capabilities offered by devices with Snapdragon processors, but without compromising compatibility between the diverse collection of Android devices. The Snapdragon SDK for Android provides access to the heart of the system through application programming interfaces (the popular APIs). Among the capabilities offered by the Snapdragon SDK are features such as facial processing, with recognition of gestures such as smiles or blinks, surround sound recording for optimal audio capture, touch sensors to create personalized user interfaces, or indoor location to keep geo-referenced apps working. These are just a few of the capabilities available to developers to create smarter and better apps.
QCM2290 Development Kit
Manufacturer: ATXX
MPN: QCM2290 Development Kit

The CM2290 single board computer can be used with a range of:
  • standard displays for development
  • and rapid prototyping
  • and offered quickly and competitively according to specific requirements.
Price on request
TurboX XR1 SBC
Manufacturer: Thundercomm
MPN: TurboX XR1 SBC 
Price on request
TurboX T62G-EA Development Kit (Advanced)
Manufacturer: Thundercomm
MPN: TurboX T62G-EA Development  Kit (Advanced)
1.195,08 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
TurboX C865 Development Kit (Vision Kit)
Manufacturer: Thundercomm
MPN: TurboX C865 Development (Vision Kit)
1.471,08 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
TurboX C7280 Development Kit
Manufacturer: Thundercomm
MPN: TurboX-C7280-Kit
  • High-tier 5G SoC processor with integrated LTE/5G modem
  • Always On, Always Connected
  • Superior PC experience brings innovation & invention
1.839,08 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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