Personal Light Transport

Personal Light Transport
The heart of our solutions for E-Bike / E-Scooter / Motorbike computer is the Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS/QCM2290. This customized 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 quadcore applications processor runs at up to 2.0 GHz and provides sufficient performance for connectivity, displays and any kind of software services. It is available as System on chip or as Thundercomm CM2290 system on module for easier development and faster time to market. It already includes wireless connectivity for Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5 and optional LTE/GNNS services for a cellular-on-demand approach. 

A detailed overview of our portfolio and services can be found in our flyer on our homepage:

Manufacturer: meerecompany
MPN: S100D - S.CUBE Evaluation Kit (with USB 3.0 & MIPI interface)
  • The S.CUBE Time of Flight Sensor (ToF) module provides high-speed, real-time 3D depth raw data.
  • The S.CUBE module is a 3D ToF development kit with VCSEL IR illumination.
  • S.CUBE is a module of compact size with ASIC and MIPI interface on board (Optional: USB 3.0) - Important: The development kit is delivered with a USB interface!
  • Thanks to its compact board design it is designed for easy system integration.
164,00 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
TurboX CM2290 development kit
Manufacturer: Thundercomm
MPN: TurboX CM2290

The TurboX™ CM2290 Development Kit is designed based on the pin2pin compatible SOMs: C2290/CM2290. It has rich interfaces such as: HDMi In/Out, Ethernet , USB Type-C and expansion connectors which can help customers validate the function and build the prototype quickly.
643,08 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
10inch1 1280-720 IK10
Price on request
5inch 800-480 IK7_IK10
Price on request
Manufacturer: Quectel
MPN: BG951AGLAA-N06-SGNSA (series BG95xA-GL)
  • Integrated RAM and Flash
  • Super-slim profile in an LGA package
  • Support for VoLTE* (Cat M1 only), QuecLocator®, PoLTE* and DFOTA
  • A rich selection of external multi-band interfaces
30,00 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
TurboX C4210 SOM
Manufacturer: Thundercomm
MPN: TurboX C4210 SOM   
  • based on the Qualcomm® QRB4210 platform
  • Triple ISPs for advanced dual camera experience
  • for industrial as well as consumer applications
Price on request
TurboX CM4290 SOM
Manufacturer: Thundercomm
MPN: TurboX CM4290 SOM 
Price on request
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