Displays and HMI

Displays and HMI
Displays and HMI

Our innovative HMI solutions are based on the cooperation with our manufacturing partners and offer a wide range of custom and standard camera components, touch displays and much more.
Super Market Cart Display with Touch  - location based service LoRa WAN
Manufacturer: ATXX
MPN: Super Market Cart Display with Touch

Shopping basket monitoring in retail - location-based services
via "Long Range WAN" for private and public networks "
Price on request
Self-Service Terminal 32" - complete solution
Manufacturer: ATXX, JMO
MPN: Self-Service Terminal 32" 
  • slim and attractive design
  • Display with FHD resolution
  • IPS technology (wide viewing angle)
  • touch input
  • High protection class IP55 
  • Android operating system
  • Wall mounting and stand on wheels
Price on request
32.6"Circular Display complete solution with Androd based platform
Manufacturer: ATXX
MPN: 32.6"Circular Display complete solution
  • Resolution: 848x848
  • Round display design
  • Brightness: 700nits
  • IPS technology (wide viewing angle)
  • Degree of protection: customer-specific possible
  • Connectivity: WIFI or 4G
  • Interfaces: USB-2, RS232, Ethernet
  • video representation
  • Integrated HiFi speaker (5W)
  • Image formats: BMP, JPEC, PNG, GIF
  • Board: Supports Android (others on request)
  • Low power consumption (>1W)
Price on request
32" Digital Signage Terminal - complete solution Windows/Android based platform
Manufacturer: ATXX
MPN: 32" Digital Signage Terminal - complete solution
  • Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Brightness: 1500nits
  • Lifetime: 10 years+
  • Protection grade: IP55
  • Thickness of tempered glass: 5mm
  • Power supply brand: MEANWELL
  • Operating temp: -30℃ to 50℃
  • Touch:  USB
  • Connectivity: WIFI or 4G
  • Board: Support windows and Android
Price on request
23.1" Interactive Smart Shelf Display complete solution with Androd based platform
Manufacturer: ATXX
MPN: 23.1" Shelf Display Solution
  • Size 23.1”
  • Resolution 1880 x 120
  • Touch With and without Touch available
  • Outer Dimension 600 x 53 x 21mm (optimized shelf format)
  • Technology IPS (all viewing angle)
  • Brightness 400cd/m²
  • Design Slim & Light
  • Operating system Android, Linux platform
  • Connectivity WLAN 2.4/5G, USB2.0, Ethernet, SPI, 4xRS232, Mini PCIE
  • Video MPEGG4 standard, PNG, JPEC
  • Storage Various / selectable
  • Certification CE (incl. RED), FCC, IC, UKCA 
Price on request
meerecompany – S110D Wide Eye ToF – Dev Kit (S110D)S. High Res ToF 3D Depth Camera
Manufacturer: meerecompany
MPN: S110D
The Wide Eye ToF Dev Kit module delivers raw 3D depth data at high speed and in real time.
The Wide Eye ToF Module l is a 3D ToF development kit with VCSEL IR illumination. The Dev Kit is a compact size module with ASIC companion chip (raw data conversion) and equipped with a MIPI and USB 3.0 interface.
Thanks to its compact board design, it is designed for easy system integration.

285,00 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
48.5" inch Stretched Display 1920 x 360 IPS
Hersteller:  ATXX
MPN: 48.5" inch Stretched Display 1920 x 360 IPS
  • 48.5" Ultra Wide Stretched Display 
  • Resolution: 1920 x 360
  • Brightness: 1000-2000cd/m²
  • Technology: IPS / All Viewing Angle
  • Available as standard and custom module
Price on request
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Our diverse product range is characterised by technical precision and high-performance solutions.
In addition to standard and customised displays and touch components, we also offer customer-oriented HMI system solutions along the entire value chain. We are happy to advise you - from the integration and combination of different technologies from our partners to our end-to-end solutions, including product certification, testing, production and supply chain management. Whether for in-house production, or outsourcing, we will be happy to advise you.

Our HMI Solutions division offers a wide range of intelligent displays and standard TFT LCDs from various leading manufacturers with many value-added options. Our standard portfolio includes TFT, FSTN, TN, and IPS wide angle technology.

An OLED does not require a backlight (self-luminous) and is thinner and lighter than conventional LCDs. OLED technology also enables high-contrast displays, which are available in active-matrix (AM) or passive-matrix (PM) versions.

We offer e-paper displays for applications that require minimal power consumption, such as electronic price tags and shelf labels, e-reader technology and information boards.

Touch displays are used in many industrial and consumer applications. We offer different types of touch display technology solutions and application-specific touch customisation for an optimal user experience. Atlantik Elektronik offers PCAP touch solutions for display diagonals from 1 to 85 inches up to a wide range of controllers.

Our HMI portfolio offers different types of transparent displays, 3D screens, curved displays, and other solutions to enhance the user experience.

Our HMI solutions have different types of cameras, from standard modules to customised designs. In the field of 3D imaging, we offer 3D ToF modules and solutions from global chip manufacturers.